What Are The 3 Most Common Kindle Issues And How Do I Solve Them?

With environmental concern more and more prevalent, eBooks are now the way to go. These touch based reading apps simulate pretty much the same aesthetics of a regular paperback (but without a paper), including the page turning graphics. In this very scenario, the Amazon kindle holds most of the appeal. It is fast, responsive, crisp and gets the feel of reading right. While not prone to too many issues, some rather obnoxious hardware drawbacks or software glitches catch up to it every now and then. Now, we in no way can have that; can we?

Kindle Support Australia Is Here To Discuss The Common Issues And Their Solutions For The Ebook Application

Electronic books are pretty much future proof, until you get to the holographic display that is. The same can be said about the Kindle Fire. While Amazon also offers iOS and Android apps in this regard, the book tablet is in its own league. With such exclusive functionality comes most conventional of the issues. These issues in turn require proper attention. Fortunately enough, most of the malfunctions can be sorted out pretty easily.

Conventional Issues Of Amazon Tablets And Their Fix

  • You can get stuck on the Logo: A device refusing to boot up properly is not one of the most obnoxious issues kindle faces. You turn it up, you wait for the lack screen to subside and then you get a finite lop of logo. The common troubleshoot to such issues have always been restart, but it does you no good under glitch conditions. Potential Fixes
  • Let your device charge for about 15 minutes. After the device is all powered up, do not turn the power off and hold the power button to restart. It may start to work properly.
  • Try to ascertain if the device is recognized by your desktop or laptop.
  • Reformat the device by getting to factory menu.
  • The Crashing issue: needless to say, the malfunction is indeed common. It mostly occurs due to glitches with other apps of your kindle. Otherwise, updates can also cause the issue. Potential Fixes
  • Clear The Cache: Navigate to settings -> App and games-> manage all applications. The resultant menu is presented similar to the control panel. Force Stop and clear the caches of the apps you think are causing the issue.
  • Uninstall The Applications: In the same menu, you can opt to uninstall the additional apps.
  • Roll Back: If updates are indeed the issue, you have to roll back to its previous stable state.
  • Micro SD Card Unrecognizable: This issue occurs when the device fails to recognize the additional storage device. The device might not work at all, or crashes intermittently. Lack of updates can cause this issue Potential Fixes
  • Update The Kindle:Connect your kindle fire to a power outlet, let it charge up. Once fully charged, turn o the Wi-Fi and install all the necessary updates.
  • Try To Insert After Some Time:Remove the memory card from the hardware and reinsert it after a while.
  • For The Card: The card might be corrupted. To that end, format it to make it functional again.

The mentioned are three of the most common issues with the eBook reader; while there are indeed many more issues, the solutions of the given are readily available. If the given troubleshoots do not pan out for you, it would suit you best to get in touch with a Kindle Support technician. In recent years, Australia has seen a massive surge in readers. Therefore, you won’t have any problem in getting the help you need.

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